Welcome to St John’s College Rowing.  Our goal is to provide a positive and holistic experience for students, instilling in them a life-long love of rowing and helping them develop skills of commitment, determination, resilience, courage and teamwork.  

Our aim is that athletes leave our squad as fine young men who love their sport.  We provide a supportive and competitive sporting environment which provide opportunities in leadership, time management and teamwork both on and off the water.  

The school has offered rowing as a sport for over 15 years.  It is a competitive squad that is growing each year with the 2021 season a squad of 26 and an anticipated 2021/2022 season squad size of over 30 members. In previous year’s the squad has had successful seasons, placing and winning in A Finals at both North Island Secondary School championship and Maadi Cup (National Secondary School Championship) and the 2020/21 season has been no exception with a gold medal at Maadi Cup.  

We welcome all young men from year 9 to partake in our Learn to Row program run through winter where they will get the opportunity to learn more about rowing and see if it’s a sport they enjoy. Coxswain are an integral part of the rowing squad.  Whilst it is not as physically demanding as rowing it requires teamwork, leadership, passion and great insight to direct their crew to success.  This is a critical role, similar to the half-back in a rugby team. We offer coxswain training if this is the role for you. Rowing takes 100% commitment from our young men and they can only be successful with the support of their families. 

Head coach Martyn O’Leary. SJC 2020 to present. Previously University Rowing coach.  Ex NZ representative rower at Elite, U23 (Gold Medalist world champs) and U21 level.   Member of Waikato Rowing club and ex member of Waikato RPC.  Teacher St John’s College

Assistant Coaches  Sean Birdling and SJC old boy Alex Anderson.

Supported by a dedicated parent rowing committee and the Waikato Rowing Club.

Teacher in charge - Jackie Smith

We are very grateful to these sponsors: