Literacy & Numeracy Common Assessments

From 2024, Literacy and Numeracy are now both corequisites for the awarding of an NCEA Qualification at any level. Students need to achieve a 20-credit (10 literacy & 10 numeracy) co-requisite using the new literacy and numeracy standards. These standards are achieved by sitting 3 external common assessment activities (CAAs)- reading, writing and numeracy. The CAA's are digital-first online assessments that students sit using their BYOD device. Currently there are 2 assessment windows for the CAA's each year, schools are able to decide on the precise timings in each window. Students have a minimum of 60 minutes to complete each assessment. But they can take as long as they need provided the assessment is delivered in a single session.

To help prepare for the CAA's students should engage with these resources and check their device is ready for the assessment.

During 2023 Mr Tester ran a session on the new NCEA Level 1 curriculum and was accompanied by Mr Ardern and Mr Barr who delivered on numeracy and literacy and the CAA's. Use the chapters to shuttle to the sections of interest.

More resources

CAA preparation for students

Check your device is compatible with the assessment

Past digital assessments