Absences / Medical

We ask parents and caregivers to contact the College to register absences before 9:30am 

  • Log the absence on the Parent Portal or on the Kamar App on your phone
  • Email the Attendance Officer at [email protected]
  • Call the designated Absences phone line, 856 7091 extn 3.  Please leave a message stating the reason for the absence

Students will not be permitted to leave the College Grounds without a signed note from their Parent/Caregiver.  It is the responsibility of the student to:

  • Attend on all school days as required
  • Get his parent/caregiver to email [email protected] to advise of an absence
  • Provide a written note from a parent/caregiver to the Attendance Officer on the first day back at school explaining the reason for his absence. 

Medical Conditions / Allergies

Students with significant medical conditions or allergies need to alert the school in writing and complete a medical management plan. If you require the College to hold or administer any medications for your son, please complete the Medication Agreement and send to the Office or email [email protected]

Medication Agreement

Sick Bay / Injuries

Students who feel too unwell to attend class are required to report to the school office. If necessary the student will be placed in the school sick bay. Students will only be allowed to leave school during the school day once the office has contacted the students’ caregiver/emergency contact. 

In the event of a student receiving an injury at school, the school office must be notified. Injuries of a minor nature will be dealt with by school staff and, where necessary, the student’s home will be notified. 

Should the school feel that further medical attention is required, parents/caregivers will be contacted and it is their responsibility to take whatever action they feel is appropriate.  Should it not be possible to contact parents/caregivers, the school reserves the right to obtain, at parents’/caregivers’ expense, whatever reasonable medical assistance is appropriate.