Student Expectations

We guide students to a mature acceptance of self-discipline and the dignity of others. Above all, we expect to see good manners, common sense and decency.

St John’s College Contract

To be a member of St John’s College, each student must:

  1. Attend all classes promptly.
  2. Be present and not be truant or leave the school property without permission.
  3. Respect the students and staff.
  4. Respect all property – do not litter.
  5. Respect the Special Character of the College.
  6. Use courteous, respectful language.
  7. Do not participate in, assist or be associated with smoking, vaping, or any other types of abusive substances such as drugs or alcohol.
  8. Do not bring any lighters, fireworks, unsafe objects etc. to school.
  9. Wear the correct uniform with pride.
  10. Follow all the school rules.

Non-Violence Policy

No verbal or physical violence by any student towards any other person is acceptable.  Any student who disregards this Policy will normally be removed from class and his parents called in for an interview.

Rules & Discipline

The College believes in discipline that is firm yet just, administered with understanding, and seeks to ensure the welfare of both the individual and the whole College community in keeping with our Marist values.  

Our rules and regulations are defined to ensure that each student’s conduct brings credit to the student himself, his parents and the school; and that the well-being of all College members is protected.  

Above all, it should be noted that anything contrary to common sense, good manners and decency is contrary to the rules of the College.  The College takes a very strong stand in regard to any of its students involved in smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol or experimenting with or possessing drugs. Parents should be clearly aware of the College’s unequivocal attitude in this matter of discipline and are advised that where necessary they will be notified of any major breach of College discipline.

Serious breaches of discipline will be dealt with by the Principal and the Board of Trustees.