Learning Support

Our dedicated Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) oversees a team of Learning Assistants who deliver extra support in junior core classes. 

The value of Family Spirit is evident in the Learning Support programme. From a prospective student’s first visit to the college, through to the time at which he leaves the college, we highlight strengths, maintain flexibility and look for positive opportunities throughout his high school experience.

The transition to high school can be an anxious time. We minimise this with multiple individual school visits if necessary, meetings with parents, the orientation day in November for the incoming Year 9 class, as well as a two‑day Induction Programme for new students at the start of the school year. We know it’s important to maintain a personal presence with each boy through these vital teenage years.

We know our students well and we test early to ensure we pick up on learning needs. Numeracy and literacy progress is monitored with the Asttle system. Results are used to build individual pathways for students who require more help to achieve, and this is done in consultation with classroom teachers. 

Parents can meet with the SENCO during the enrolment process and at any time during their schooling if they wish to discuss special learning needs. The SENCO will help to coordinate Ministry of Education resourcing and special assessment support for exams.

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